Constant Volume Air Regulator


The circular constant volume regulator type CVR is a control element which works independently of the pressure without an external power supply. It can be regarded as a self-actuating duct damper, as it delivers a required volume of air regardless of changes in system pressure.

In consequence, the controller overcomes the need for system balancing and ensures constant air flow in service.TheCVR incorporates an adjustment device that allows to modify manuallyon site the air-flow pre-adjusted at the factory.


CVR regulator has an automatic mechanism, equipped with a spring and a shock absorber system for avoid oscillations. The inlet pressure balances the force of the spring and push the blade to a defined position that finally controls the set volume airflow.


The casing of the regulator is made from galvanized metal sheet, incorporates a rolling rubber ring seals in both ends, avoiding in such a way to have to spot or screw in a horizontal assemblies, includes plastic type ABS.

Made of stainless steel AISI-304.CVR-IX regulator works properly within a range of flow rates 10% lower than the regulator in galvanized.

The regulator is also available in stainless steel or with a PUR coating in all RAL colours, upon request it can be delivered with an acoustic and thermal insulation film (CVR-D).