Air Measuring Products

Ruskin offers the most comprehensive line of Air Measuring Stations in the industry.  Our flexibility is unmatched.

Q: I already have a damper installed; does Ruskin have an air measuring device that will send a signal to my BAS for damper control?

A: The AMS Features a standard factory installed low pressure transducer that provides an output signal proportional to CFM.  It’s ideal for retrofit applications!

Q: I need to measure and control the flow in a return air duct but the controls are not in my contract.  Does Ruskin have a product that incorporates an air measuring station with a damper without damper controls?

A: Yes, Ruskin’s AMS050 provides a factory assembled air measuring station with an integrated class1 leakage rated damper.  The standard transducer provides a signal that a controls contractor can utilize to control a customer furnished damper actuator.

Q: I need to measure and control outdoor air behind a louver.  Does Ruskin have a turnkey solution that can control to a setpoint from my BAS?

A: Yes, the IAQ50X is a perfect match for this application since it can be installed 4 inches behind a Ruskin louver.  The factory commissioned and calibrated controls communicate with any BAS.

Models under this category 
AMS: Air Measuring Station
AMS050: Air Measuring Station with Integral Damper
IAQ50X: Air Measuring Station with Integral Damper and Calibrated Controls