Adjustable Single and Double Louver Grille



When the uniform air distribution and performance is main focus of design then Single and Double Louver grille is the right selection. These grilles come with individually adjustable blades to set the angle of deflection which allows air deflection horizontally and vertically. Front blades can be parallel to long dimension or short dimension.

  • The Following Accessories are available with Single & Double Louver Grille
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in extruded aluminum black colour BL.
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in steel construction black colour AG-15.
  • Grille can be provided in convex or concave curved sections.
  • Internal or external mitered corner pieces for vertical or horizontal grille orientation.
  • As standard the grille is supplied in Titus white Epoxy Powder paint. Opposed blade dampers are supplied in
    matt black finish.

Alternative finishes are available on special request, at extra cost


  • Grilles are made of Aluminium Extruded Flange of 18/25mm width and 1.1 mm thickness and Extruded aluminum Louvers of 18/25mm width and 1.0 mm thickness, connected to frame with nylon bushes. Installation of the grille can be with either spring clips or duct mounting using concealed brackets / Screws
Adjustable Single Louver Grille