Linear Grille


General Description

  • When performance and appearance is of prime importance, the CT linear
    bar grille is the logical choice. It is equally suitable as a one piece individual
    grille or as a continuous linear grille. Having a low noise level and uniform
    airflow, CT is suitable for supply or return air and may be installed in a
    ceiling, sidewall, floor or sill.
  • Front blades are available in two deflection angles 0° and 15°. The 15°
    deflection blade is available in one way air pattern or two way air pattern.
  • The Following Accessories are available with CT - Grills .
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in extruded aluminum black color BL.
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in steel construction black color AG-15.
    • A set of adjustable rear aerofoil blades to control the direction of air.
  • CT can be provided in convex or concave curved sections.
  • Internal or external mitered corner pieces for vertical or horizontal grille orientation.
  • As standard the grille is supplied with Titus White Epoxy Powder Paint. Opposed blade dampers are supplied in matt black finish.
  • Alternate finishes are available on special request, at extra cost.


  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum extrusions, having different flange frame options. The end flanges are
    mechanically crimped using a corrosion resistant angle section.
  • A set of individually adjustable rear mounted aerofoil vanes are available as an option.
  • Blades with streamlined shape with front widths of 3mm & 5mm are available.
  • Minimum nominal grille height is 50mm up to 300mm as standard. Other grille heights may be provided when requested. Maximum single piece length is 1800mm, joining strips can be supplied for a continuous unbroken appearance.
  • Installation of the grille can be with either spring clips or duct mounting using concealed brackets / Screws.
CT 560/570
Linear Grille