About Ruskin

A Note From Our President

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the Ruskin website. We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive and complete offering of products in the air control industry. Ruskin’s website includes all of our up to date catalog information. The Ruskin website is updated each week. Every Ruskin model includes specification details, CSI formatted equipment specs, installation details and CAD drawings. 

As a member of the USGreen Building Council, Ruskin is an active participant in producing and promoting exceptional products that assist HVAC system designers in their pursuit of high performance and LEED certified buildings. For example, our duct-mounted energy-recovery ventilators are perfect to add to any air handler to save energy. Ruskin’s line of air doors provides a cost-effective way of keeping conditioned air in the conditioned space. Our extensive line of air-measuring, monitoring and control products are used to manage outside air – not too much and not too little – just the right amount for both full-load and part-load operation. Ruskin air measuring products also include the most extensive set of AMCA certified products in the industry. AMCA certification is an excellent way to prove sustainability and is ideal for your LEED projects. Ruskin sunshades add both beauty as well as the sensible functionality of solar-shading to any building during those summer months. Ruskin also provides low-leak outside air control dampers used to bring in outside air for “free-cooling” in lieu of compressor energy when outside air conditions permit. Our control damper and industrial damper sections provide additional information on the most complete line of control dampers. 

Included in our control damper family is Ruskin’s exclusive IAQ50X and Ruskin’s AMS050 dampers that both control and measure outside air, ensuring proper ventilation rates--especially important with VAV systems. To help properly balance duct branches, be sure to use the VFBD15 or VFBD25 Ruskin Value flow balancing dampers.

Ruskin also stops the cold and the heat with a wide range of insulation control dampers, including the IL35, CD40X2, and the thermally isolated CDTI50. If you have a troublesome "hot-spot" in need of space control, use our ZCDVAV or ZCDR25.

Ruskin’s heavy duty—industrial line of dampers are used throughout the world. Our Industrial and Tunnel Damper Overview Brochure outlines the many applications where we have developed air control devices to meet specific applications. For example, Ruskin has specifically developed heavy duty tunnel dampers for the challenging environment within transit tunnel applications including fire dampers tested to the stringent BS 476 Part 20 and UL555S for low leakage rating. Click here to see a short video by Ruskin on our Tunnel Fire and Ventilation dampers. Be sure to check out our complete listing of Industrial control dampers in our catalog.

In addition to industrial tunnel dampers, Ruskin also tests our UL products not only to UL555 and 555S, but some applications call for BS 476 Part 20 as well. Here is another video highlighting Ruskin’s FSD60 as it is put to the test! Our fire and smoke damper section also includes an interactive applications chart that allows the user to identify the specific application. Based on requirements, Ruskin will help the user select the appropriate UL approved fire and/or smoke damper. In addition, Ruskin UL dampers are tested to UL555 and 555SWhether the application is for a floor, corridor, wall or ceiling, round or rectangular, in-the-wall or out-of-the-wall, Ruskin’s "hotlink" will take you to the damper data required to fit your application. Maximum UL approved sizes are identified on this fire/smoke application chart. All Ruskin fire/smoke dampers come with a standard five-year warranty! Be sure to check out Ruskin’s exclusive Validator control system for the easiest damper cycling program in the industry.

Ruskin’s line of backdraft and pressure relief dampers includes sixteen models to choose from. From light commercial backdraft applications to our CBS8BL damper used for protection against blasts and instantaneous pressure changes, you can count on Ruskin for the most complete line in the industry. 

Ruskin’s Louver, Penthouse, and Architectural and Equipment Screen line provides architects, engineers and contractors with a variety of aesthetically pleasing and weather resistant designs that can meet the need of any job requirement. Using Ruskin’s “Louver Engineering and Architectural Design System”, or LEADS, you can select the right louver based on your job’s airflow, pressure drop and water resistance requirements. Be certain to check out both our Hurricane models, as well as our Wind-Driven Rain models for a variety of “weather tight” applications. If you need to measure the air, be sure to use our air measuring louver. All Ruskin louvers can be finished with Kynar baked enamel, Kynar, Pearledized hard coat finish, anodized (clear and bronze) and other specialty finishes as the job requires.

Ruskin’s sound control section includes the latest on Ruskin’s duct silencers and acoustical panel system.

Remember, there are a lot more models on this website! If you are not sure of where to look, simply click on the Product Catalog tab at the top right of the home page and then click on List All Products on the left side of the Ruskin catalog page. Then select what type of product you want from there. It is that easy to get all the up-to-date literature from Ruskin. Enjoy your search of the most extensive and comprehensive line of air control products in the world!

If you have any questions, be sure to contact one of our representatives. No matter where you are, a factory trained Ruskin representative is not far away from serving your needs!