Square Diffuser

General Description

  • TDC Square Diffusers can handle large amounts of air for a given pressure drop and noise level. It maintains an unbroken horizontal flow pattern from maximum cfm, down to minimum. Its pleasing appearance
    harmonizes with most of the interior designs, especially modular ceiling
  • Central core is easily removable from the face of the diffuser.
  • Extremely flexible configuration with cores available for one- two- three-or four way horizontal flow.
  • Volume control damper can be adjusted from the face of diffuser, by removing the central core.
  • Following accessories are available with TDC diffusers
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in extruded Aluminium mill finish (type B) or black (type BL).
    • Opposed blade volume control damper in steel in black color (type AG15).
    • GI plenums with side or top entry for round duct connections with or without diffusion plate, with optional
      lining for better acoustic and thermal performance.
  • TDC Diffusers are supplied in Titus White Epoxy Powder Paint as a standard.
  • Alternate finishes can be provided on request and at extra cost.


  • Outer frames and central core are manufactured from stamped aluminum sheet or high quality Aluminium extrusion mechanically crimped available in following types
    • TDC 4 way core with stamped centre core & extruded aluminum frame
    • TDC-ASR 4 way core with anti smudge extruded aluminum frame
    • TDC-GT 4 way core with stamped outer frame for grid ceiling
    • TDC-GT-T 4 way core with stamped tegular outer frame for grid ceiling
    • TDC-EXT 4 way core with all aluminum extrusion construction

  • TDC diffusers are available in standard neck sizes of 150x150, 225x225, 300x300, 375x375 and 450x450. Bigger
    sizes are available on request (in all extrusion construction).

Square Diffuser