Underflow Overview


UFAD systems utilize the space under an access floor as an air plenum. Properly designed UFAD systems take advantage of thermal stratification. ASHRAE recommends that, for comfort, the temperature in the occupied zone be between 73 degrees and 77 degrees F, relative humidity be between 25 - 60%, and the maximum velocity in occupied zone be 50 fpm in cooling or 30 fpm in heating. The key to successful underfloor systems is the ability of the underfloor diffuser to rapidly mix room air into the supply air at low velocities.

Round Under Floor Products

UnderFloor Round Products are architecturally appealing diffusers and grommets that are designed for use in high induction raised floor applications. Titus models TAF-G, TAF-R, and TAF-R-FR are contructed of a high-impact polymer material that is designed to resist damage from foot traffic. The TAF-R diffuser is also a GreenSpec Listed product and is available in standard light gray or black. Additional colors may be specified to match any building's interior scheme.

TAF-L Underfloor Perimeter System

The TAF-L Perimeter System was designed to address the challenges of handling perimeter loads in a modular system. It is comprised of a modular cooling plenum, the TAF-L-V, a linear diffuser return plenum, the TAF-L-R, and two heating plenums, the TAF-L-W and the TAF-L-E. All units are designed to be integrated with the CT-TAF-L multi-deflection linear bar diffuser. The CT frame drops into the perimeter slot and sits on top of the carpeting. It installs into the TAF-L plenums from the top surface and removal of the flooring is not required.