Ruskin Validator

For more than 50 years RUSKIN has "Made It Happen" with innovative products and installation solutions that make us the industry's leading fire/smoke damper manufacturer. "Specified by Many…Equaled by None" is not just a slogan, it's an attitude. Our latest innovation is the Ruskin Validator Smart Fire/Smoke Damper System.

What is the Ruskin Validator System?
The Validator System provides facility owners with a testing and maintenance system for the fire/smoke and smoke dampers in their buildings. The system constantly monitors the position of each damper and verifies that the dampers are in their normal positions. To keep the dampers in working order, the Validator system automatically closes and reopens the dampers on a regular schedule selected by the facility manager. The system logs all events and alarms when any damper is not working correctly.

Why Validator?
Failures are unpredictable. Fire marshals, inspectors, building owners, insurance underwriters and specifiers need assurance that HVAC life-safety systems will function properly when needed. Validator provides this assurance and reduces the facility owner's potential liability. UL, AMCA, damper manufacturers and NFPA suggest cycling damper/actuators “once every six months” to ensure proper operation of fire/smoke and smoke rated dampers during a fire event.

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Online Validator Demo

For a demo of the Validator system, click the following link.
Dynamic Online Validator Demonstration
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WebCTRL Demo instructions

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