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Ruskin Validator
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For more than 50 years RUSKIN has "Made It Happen" with innovative products and installation solutions that make us the industry's leading fire/smoke damper manufacturer. "Specified by Many…Equaled by None" is not just a slogan, it's an attitude. Our latest innovation is the Ruskin Validator Smart Fire/Smoke Damper System.


Ruskin Fire & Smoke Dampers Brochure
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Ruskin provides the most extensive line of fire, smoke, and fire smoke dampers in the industry. This brochure provides an overview of those dampers, and also provides information about different options, features, and accessories to better enable Ruskin dampers to meet your application's fire safety needs.


Ruskin Labor Savers Brochure
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For over 50 years, Ruskin has led the HVAC industry in designing and manufacturing dependable, high-quality fire, smoke and fire/smoke dampers. Well known throughout the industry for its willingness to tackle tough design challenges, Ruskin successfully brings new and innovative products and features to the market.

Among these innovations are the ones listed in this contractor’s guide. It includes time-saving and labor-saving accessories and options for Ruskin fire, smoke and fire/smoke dampers. The high quality in each Ruskin product is backed by an experienced engineering staff and professional support people who are sincerely responsive to your needs.


Selection and Application Manual
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Ruskin believes it is important to understand the needs of the customer and to provide them with answers to their fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke damper questions. The purpose of this publication is to answer those questions. The information provided herein serves as a guide to understanding the application of fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers. This manual includes general information but also important points to consider when designing an installation or writing a specification.

Engineering Reports

Engineering reports provide in-depth analysis of engineering problems and Ruskin solutions. The following FSD Engineering reports are available for download:
  • Advantages of True Round Fire/Smoke Dampers
  • Airfoil Blade Design Advantages
  • Changes to UL Standards 555 and 555S
  • Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Release Devices
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Testing and Maintenance of Fire Dampers
  • UL Standards, What They Mean to You
  • Velocity Ratings for Fire/Smoke Dampers